Pantry staples for a clean kitchen & starting a low carb, high fat lifestyle

People often ask me about the things I have in my pantry. More recently, since I began doing some private coaching to help those in Chalene Johnson's Diet Beta Test. I've been sharing much of this list with these clients embarking on low carb, high fat living as they start their pantry clean out and replenishment. Living in a food desert, I'm well aware how annoying it is to want to make a recipe and you don't have the supplies.

It's also hard to make progress on cleaner eating and your goals for feeling awesome when you don't have any of the right tools in place.

Yes, of course, it's expensive to stock a pantry and up-leveling your health comes in increments; not everyone feels the drive to jump head first.

However, pick the items most important for now and KNOW that many of these will last a LONG time. Pssssttttttt: Start with some better salt!!!

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  2. Coconut...
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